Pictorial History of St. Peter’s | 1865 – Present

1927-1969 and New Building

In 1931, The Reverend Stephen Webster, both handsome and charming, succeeded Dr. Cabot and continued the Anglo-Catholic tradition until 1942, when The Reverend Dr. Egisto Chauncey became rector. As “low church” as his predecessors had been “high”, Dr. Chauncey disposed of the bells and the incense, which have not been used since. In 1947, there were 176 families in St. Peter’s Church.

By 1953, there were 274 families, and the church building, no longer large enough, was unsuitable for expansion. Charles O. Richardson, a member of the First Parish Church, generously donated the piece of property on which the “new” St. Peter’s Church now stands, and a building committee was appointed to select the appropriate style of architecture. It was not an easy decision, but after extended and often bitter discussions, the committee agreed the church should be of Georgian design. “Now we have unanimity of opinion, no one is completely satisfied,” said one exhausted committee member.

The Reverend Philip Krug became the fifth rector of St. Peter’s Church in 1957 when Dr. Chauncey retired. Phil Krug and his wife Lee remained a presence for many years after that and their children, Stefan, Corbin, Adrienne, and Kevin, grew up at St. Peter’s.  Among Phil’s many accomplishments was the founding of the Roxbury-Weston Nursery School.  St. Peter’s current facility was completed by late 1959. (Please see the 50th Anniversary History page when Phil preached for the 50th Anniversary of the completion of the new church building. He was our rector at the time of this event!) There were 380 families listed as members of the parish, many of them from Wayland, which had no Episcopal church of its own.
Mr. Krug resigned in 1975 after 18 years as rector.

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