Pictorial History of St. Peter’s | 1865 – Present


In 1964, Wayland’s Church of the Holy Spirit, first founded as a mission church sustained by St. Peter’s, became an independent parish. Over 50 families from St. Peter’s left to join that parish.

The 1960’s were a time of turmoil both within the church and without. Church attendance decreased everywhere. In 1969 St. Peter’s reduced the number of Sunday services from three to two. Conflicts over civil rights and Vietnam polarized attitudes within the congregation, especially in the area of social action There were those who believed in reaching out, and those who believed in turning inward.

Mr. Krug resigned in 1975 after 18 years as rector.
( St. Peter’s current facility was completed by late 1959 when Phil Krug was rector. Please see the 50th Anniversary History page when Phil Krug preached for the 50th Anniversary of the completion of the new church building, a very amazing event!)

In March of 1976, the Reverend David Van Dusen became the sixth rector of St. Peter’s Church. Under his leadership, the church gradually increased its Outreach Program, and developed a strong lay ministry. Controversy was openly faced and discussed. St. Peter’s is a stronger community today because of those experiences. After serving as rector for 15 years, Mr. Van Dusen retired in June, 1991.

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