2018 Flower Donations

Sign up to donate flowers for the altar.

St Peter’s has a wonderful tradition of beautiful flowers adorning our altar for Sunday worship. The Flower Guild faithfully arranges these flowers each week. After worship they put together smaller arrangements to be taken to parishioners who are not able to get to worship or who have lost a loved one.

Here are 3 simple ways for you to participate:
1. Make a donation in memory of a deceased loved one or in thanksgiving for an anniversary, birth, etc. This intention will be offered in our prayers and noted in the bulletin. You can sign up on the sheet in the narthex (church entrance) or by contacting Cathy in the office. We ask for a suggested donation of $65-75 to help cover the cost of flowers.
2. Volunteer to occasionally deliver flowers to a parishioner who because of illness or mobility issues is not able to join us for worship on Sunday. This can be done at your convenience and will assist in a really important ministry. Contact the Office if you are interested.
3. Sign up to arrange flowers one or two Sundays a year. We know many of you are very gifted arrangers and we would love to celebrate your talent! Also, our Flower Guild works hard and could use a few Sundays off! Contact Helen Stock to find out more.