Hurricane Response Fund

Responding to the Ongoing Crisis in Puerto Rico after the Storms

From the press release dated September 27, 2017:

Episcopal Relief & Development  is partnering with the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico to provide urgently needed food, water and medicine. In advance of Hurricane Maria, the organization sent emergency support, ensuring that the diocese’s relief and pastoral teams are equipped to offer assistance as quickly as possible. Local authorities in Puerto Rico have delayed the distribution of supplies.

“Communications are extremely difficult and the circumstances are chaotic,” noted Abagail Nelson, Episcopal Relief & Development’s Senior Vice President of Programs. “We expect to receive approval shortly so that our church partners can move forward with relief efforts and caring for vulnerable communities.” Read the rest of the statement here.

ERD is a top rated charity with a great track record for helping with these types of disasters and will be there for the long haul. Click here to read a post and view a webinar on “Loving God, Yourself and Others in Disaster Response”.