Stewardship: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stewardship?
Stewardship is an invitation to invest yourself through the resources God has given you — your time, your gifts and your money — into this amazing work of transformation to which God has called St. Peter’s. Stewardship is an invitation to grow deeper in your relationship with God and is an act of gratitude and trust in God.

What is a pledge?
A pledge is your commitment to make a financial gift that supports the mission of St. Peter’s.

Why do we need annual pledges?
Pledges are the primary source of income that allows our ministry to flourish and is used to plan the yearly budget. Pledging supports everything we do at St. Peter’s including paying clergy, supporting our outreach ministries and making possible our liturgical, education and music offerings.

Don’t the contributions made in the weekly offerings cover our operating expenses?
Sunday loose plate collections amount to only 2% of our annual budgeted revenue. Annual pledges currently make up 65% of our income. The remainder of the budget is funded by distributions from our endowment (15%), non-recurring parishioner gifts (13%) and other miscellaneous sources (5%). St. Peter’s does not receive funds from the Diocese of Massachusetts or other outside sources.

When should I make a pledge?
St. Peter’s holds its annual Stewardship campaign between October and November. During this period, the members of St. Peter’s are asked to make their annual pledges for the coming year. Having a good sense of our annual pledges in the fall allows us to budget appropriately for the coming year. However, pledges are welcome throughout the year.

When should I make the payment on my pledge?
The actual payment of the pledge can be made at the time of the pledge, in a lump sum in the coming year or through installments throughout the year.

How much should I pledge?
This is a very personal decision. Some members tithe, giving ten percent of their income to the church, while others commit a certain percentage, make a one-time annual gift or give as they are able monthly or weekly. The act of pledging your support is even more important than the amount you give.

How do I make a pledge?
Pledge cards are mailed to congregation members each fall; pledge cards are also available at the church office. Completed pledge cards can be mailed to St. Peter’s or dropped off at the church office. You can also pledge online or by sending an e-mail to Stewardship Chairman Scott Westvold at

How can I make a payment on my pledge?
There are various ways to pay. You can pay by check or with a credit card. Credit card details can be included on your pledge card. You can also pay via PayPal by using the “Donate” button above.

Who knows how much I have pledged?
The amount of the pledge is held in confidence. A small group of church leaders including the Wardens, Treasurer and Rector may have access to pledge records for specific purposes.