Church School

Mission Statement

The Christian formation of our children is one of the most important elements of St. Peter’s mission. In recent years, many of the new families that have joined St. Peter’s have done so out of a desire to introduce their children to a program of meaningful Christian education. We encourage you and your family to join us in this important effort as we work to bring Jesus’ teachings to a new generation of Christians.

  • Promoting the study of the Bible and Episcopal Church traditions
  • Nourishing each child’s spiritual development through prayer and worship
  • Supporting and educating families in ways to integrate their faith and values into everyday life
  • Affirming and celebrating each child’s gifts and faith
  • Stimulating Christian community among the children and encouraging mutual respect and caring in our intergenerational relationships within the church family
  • Broadening adult involvement in the church school program
  • Proclaiming Christian love within our community and to those beyond.

Church School Format

Church School meets on Sunday mornings from September to June starting at 9:45 AM for all children in kindergarten through 8th grade.  At 10:30 AM children are escorted together and join the main service and their families in the pews following the announcements.  Church School does not meet during the summer months.


End of Year Ice Cream Party

Celebrating the End of the Church School Year with an Ice Cream Party!


Nursery: All children under 5 years old get to spend time with our fabulous Nursery school babysitters. Nursery care begins each Sunday morning at 9:45am.

Grades K-3: Our kindergarten through 3rd graders use the Spark! Curriculum, based on a rotation model. Using Spark!, the children study the same Bible story for 4 weeks and each class rotates through different workshops including cooking, films, games and science. The children have four different opportunities to learn the Bible lesson in innovative, contemporary ways.

Grades 4-5: 4th and 5th graders learn about worship, liturgy and the seasons of the Church year by becoming worship leaders. Students will learn about different aspects of Christian faith and Episcopal worship through hands-on-learning by helping as worship leaders during the 10:00 AM service. There are opportunities to serve as Acolytes, Ushers, and Lay Readers. They will continue to have class together once a month.

Grades 6-8: 6th, 7th and 8th graders meet together in the Bidwell Library where they will have lively conversations as they build friendships and explore each Sunday’s Gospel as it relates to their lives.

Confirmation: Confirmation is offered every other year for our 8th and 9th grade youth.

Other Events

Throughout the year many different family friendly events will be held for Children, Youth and Families.  Please keep an eye on the parish calendar or on our Facebook page for more information!

Ways to Participate

There are many different ways for parents and others in the parish to participate in children’s ministries. If you are interested in teaching, leading a special activity, or organizing a fellowship or outreach event, or for more information about Church School, please contact Katie Ernst at

To register your child online for Church School, please use this form.